Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunny Days and Tuesdays

The first few days of first grade were great! This week, however, has been a struggle. Colin seems to be having a difficult time transitioning to a longer day with a new teacher and new class. I was excited to have him get home, then I opened his backpack and got this:
Bummer. We had a nice long talk, did his homework, and then he got to write an apology letter to his teacher. Hopefully this won't happen again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Days and Birthday

Today was Colin's first day of first grade! I know what you're thinking....."already?!" Crazy, right?! What ever happened to going back to school after Labor Day? They can't be mad when he misses a couple days of school the second full week due to a quick vacation! That's all I'm sayin'. Anyhoo-he woke up totally excited and really enjoyed his day. It was really strange having him leave at seven and not get home until almost three. That's almost like a full-time job!

Today was also Blake's third birthday. I can't believe it. Three years already. (I also can't believe I was ready to have another child when Colin was this age! I was pregnant with Blake when Colin turned three.) We had Blake's party on Saturday and it was a blast! He had a Toy Story bounce house, a sno-cone machine, a nice pool to enjoy, and a delicious BBQed meal cooked up by Dad. Thanks to all that joined us. He really had a great time.
Tonight we had a special family spaghetti dinner (his fav) with a giant chocolate chip cookie cake thanks to Nana.

Blake-it's been a fun journey with you so far. You keep us on our toes, are a great friend and brother to Colin, and we can't imagine life without our little boy. We love you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Disney...

I'm not sure if you realize this, but my husband is there a lot lately. At least it seems like he is. He's still training, so that means I don't get to hear from him ALL DAY. I'm not used to that, and I don't like it. Please realize he has a family that would like him to be home. In fact, if you could pay him to be home more often than not, that would be great! We would promise to visit often.


The Wife

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Night at the Pacific Symphony

Right now I am taking an online class from Citrus so I can transfer to finish my Ph.D. Okay...maybe not. But seriously folks, I've been in school LONG enough to get my Ph.D, so I feel I should automatically get one.
Anyhoo-I'm taking Music Appreciation. If you know nothing about music, don't take it. You'll be SO lost. Luckily, I know SOMETHING about music.
One of my assignments is to attend a performance by an orchestra and then write this whole essay on it. I talked Ron into going with me, and we actually really enjoyed ourselves. It was the Pacific Symphony Orchestra and they played at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre in Irvine. The weather was beautiful, and we were allowed to bring a picnic-which we did. The theme was Rodgers and Hammerstein, so they played music from their original scores and played the movie scenes above-pretty cool, right?
During intermission, we entertained ourselves by taking pictures. Of ourselves. We don't have many of just the two of us, so we took some.

Ron really enjoyed the show
He always makes me laughApparently it was boys who like boys night, and they were all drinking wine and eating caviar. I thought our drinks made a perfect couple. Ron thought I was dumb for taking a picture of them. I think they look photogenic.
So that was our night. Music, making fun of the lady that kept trying to start a fire on the grass (don't ask...I really don't know), pictures, and wine-os. Good times. I'm going to go see the same symphony at the OC Fair play all DISNEY music! YES! You know you wanna go!
A Whole Neeeew Wooooorld

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Update...

You would think with being unemployed, I would have plenty of time to blog. But I don't. I think I've found things to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of not working. It really has taken some getting used to, but I'm enjoying the time with my little guys. Although I do love writing you all a nice novel from time to time, I will try to be better about posting a little more often.
Family and Fun
My Grandma came for her annual summer visit. I always look forward to it, and I'm always so sad when she leaves. She's so much more than a Grandma to me, and I really miss her when she's away! My cousin, Wes, came for a visit as well. Colin and Blake just LOVE Wes! He's nine, so everything he does is cool to them. We went to D-land, Knott's Berry Farm, and did all sorts of fun things together. Colin also finished T-ball and had fun at closing ceremonies with his friend, Jacob Armstrong (another older, cool kid).
4th of July

We had a last-minute get together at Ron's parents. Apparently a petition went around and we were voted as the party site for this year. I was so excited! "If you throw it, they will come." We had a great turn-out, only a few injuries, no drowings, and lots of food and swimming. Thanks for joining us everyone!
After, we went to the Bartett's in Fontana for some illegal firework action (by the neighbors). I had bought Colin some industrial strength ear muffs for his fear of loud noises, and he loves them! He wasn't even too afraid to light a few sparklers. Blake, of course, had no fear to begin with. Thanks guys! We had a blast!
Colin and his freakishly look-alike friend, Jack. Jack's mom and I joked the whole time about how similar they are, and then the one picture I take of them together, they posed the same. They're brothas from another motha.

Mary knows how to have fun!

The moms
The Boys
Colin is really working on swimming this summer. We now have instant access to a pool and have been going 3-5 times a week. Today he actually swam under water quite a distance. As long as he has a mask on, he does great! However, he wants to cover his ears in a funny way (see below). Keep up the great work, buddy!

Does your child know how to give himself a hickey? Apparently mine does.

Blake is constantly hurting himself but acting as if it doesn't phase him. The first injury was his head bouncing off of the cement. No tears shed. The next day he hit the same spot again. Let's just say the scab didn't last long. Yuck! He's gone under in the pool a couple of times (with us next to him!), however, like before, no tears. He scares me with his lack of fear. He often tattles on himself as well. "Mom. Blake hit the dog.
Now that Blake talks more, he and Colin have become better friends (and sometimes worse enemies), so it's fun to watch their little relationship grow.

Our Anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is in a couple of days. It will be four years of marriage, then next month we celebrate seven years of the start of it all. My how time has flown. I can't imagine being with anyone other than my best friend. He's an amazing dad, an extremely hard worker, and a thoughtful husband. Love you, Babe!

We will be going to the Melting Pot for dinner, then heading out to a movie (probably Harry Potter...I just can't wait!). On Saturday, we're going to see the Pacific Orchestra play in Irvine. It's Rodgers and Hammerstein night! (That's actually for my Music Appreciation class and Ron got roped into going to with me.) We are also going to go whale watching with the boys somewhere in between all of that.

I made Ron a little something intending on surprising him at work, but since he'll be training for his new position tomorrow, he will be in a secret location somewhere in the resort. Oh well...I tried. He'll be surprised at breakfast I guess.
So far it's been a great summer! We still have more to look forward to, and I can't wait! Crazy Kymmie (Ron's yougest sister) is coming home from playing softball in Germany and traveling all over Europe. Katie (sister just above Ron), is coming for a visit with cousin Addie and we can't wait!

The boys' Auntie Kymmie just before leaving for Germany. She's short.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Change is good?

We've been dying to buy a house, and just when we felt we were ready, I stopped working. One income for us=no loan. :( I was told I have to go back to work if I want a house. Harsh reality.

The following week, two of Ron's fellow "cast members" ended up getting fired from their jobs as Front Desk Managers at the Disneyland Hotel. We were crossing our fingers that it would mean a promotion and transfer for Ron. On Tuesday, Ron gets an appointment request from the Hotel Manager for a meeting with her. He goes in and gets told he's being transfered to the now open Front Desk position. Woo hoo!

Next he's told that it's not a promotion but a lateral move. This also means no raise in salary. Then he's told that they won't have his replacement until August, so he'll be working his normal job while training for his new job.

Earlier this year it was demanded of him to take MOST of his 10 weeks worth of vacation time THIS year. I know...."OK!" We had a vacation planned in April that almost got taken away because of work conflicts. Now we are planning a long road trip to my home town in Washington State for the first two weeks in August. (I haven't been home in over SIX YEARS!)

Today he was told that his August vacation is now a no-go because he'll be training (I'm not driving by myself and flying isn't cheap!). He's also not allowed to take vacation time in June or July, November or December because it's so busy. I know the experience is great for Ron, but I can't help but feel sorry for us/myself. No house, no vacation, no pay raise, and possibly going back to work. Ron is definitely being a trooper and finding the positive in all of this.

I love that guy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Some advice...

One evening I was sitting on a bench in CA Adventure holding a spot for my family to watch the Electric Light Parade. Next to me was a man from Philly that LOVED to talk. I inquired about his occupation. He said he had been an appliance repairman for 30 years. Since we've been looking into buying a home, I figured he would be a good person to ask about a good brand of appliances to purchase. So I did.

His face lit up and you could tell this man loved his job. I figured since most of our friends are buying homes, this would be good advice to pass along. Here's what he said:

Whirlpool is the best. Next is GE. You're wasting your money on Maytag, LG, Fridgidair, or Electrolux (a fancy Fridgidair). He didn't mention Kenmore, but that's probably because it's not on the top of his list. Basically all he kept saying was, "Whirlpool or GE. Hands down."

So there you have it. Some sound advice from someone who knows what they are talking about and wasn't making commission off of it. Ü

P.S. Is it weird to anyone else that quite a few famous people died so close together? Michael J., Farrah, Ed McMahon (whom never delivered my giant check, by the way), and Billy Mays. Whew! Slow your roll people!